What's happening in Telco?

  • February 08, 2021
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The Pandemic: What’s happening in Telco? - Mandy Sunner


As we are now in our 3rd lockdown, its proving quite insightful that the world of telecoms is, firstly, still moving; and secondly supporting all of its customers that are in need.


This blog focuses on what is happening in the world of O2 Telefonica.



O2 is working in partnership with the Department for Education, and each month they are providing to support home schooling families struggling during the pandemic and lockdown. This free data will enable disadvantaged children to gain help with technology and continue learning remotely.  



Continuing to follow this trend of supporting home learning, O2 have also set up a scheme enabling the public to donate a device to the local community. Anyone with a device at home that is no longer required can donate it, allowing a child to access online lessons or allowing vulnerable people the ability to access online video calls to prevent isolation.

O2 have also launched a national plan to keep the UK’s most vulnerable connected, and have set up a campaign, ‘Community Calling’, with the goal of keeping everyone connected and to support those people that are suffering in isolation.


O2 are set to continue their partnership with Transport for London to pilot their 4G network on the underground, great news for all those that use the underground/ tube and need to stay connected, and a welcome boost for business travellers! We are advised that this should be available from the Jubilee line between Westminster. Please click the link for more insight on this http://spkl.io/Network

In other news, O2 have recently launched their first commercial 5G satellite lab that tests innovation tech – it will be interesting to see how this progresses over time. Following the initial one-year launch of the 5G network, O2 has now expanded this offering across the UK and is supporting businesses and communities in Britain, across 100 towns/ cities. This is exciting because it is showing growth in innovation in the telco industry and bodes well for a prosperous future.


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