A Work Package is defined as a unit of work that exists as part of a larger project, and they are primarily used for assignments that require the completion of specific task and activities that follow a clear project plan (the scope).

Work Packages are deliverable focused, requiring idpp to meet a clearly defined milestone rather than complete tasks that are BAU. 

This solution places the ir35 risk and responsibility onto idpp and away from the client. We offer insurance against all of our Work Packages to give our clients peace of mind.

Idpp Work Package solutions can be split into two distinct types.


Clearly Defined 
Perfect for your assignments that are required to meet key targets and require a structured approach.

Allow tasks in your business to be assigned to individuals or service providers who have a critical responsibility for delivery of its contents on time and on budget.

Progress Management
Progression in your projects is formally monitored, meaning most issues can be addressed ahead of time and provisions put into place to ensure that timelines can be met.

Encourages greater collaboration between your teams where required, ensuring project objectives remain clear and consistent.

Change Management
A systematic approach to change management, means that in instances where the scope may change, disruption to your projects is kept to a minimum and any slips or delays are accounted for ahead of time.

At idpp we have a dedicated Work Package and Fixed Price Projects team, with extensive experience of working with leading global businesses. Our team are committed to supporting clients with all aspects of building and defining work packages and will be happy to speak with you to discuss your requirements. 

This is when the whole project is outsourced to idpp. We will gather the requirements, scope the piece of work, deliver and test the project before handover to BAU.

  • Often used for larger, more significant units of work within a larger project. 
  • Often cover a much longer duration than a minor work package, covering multiple milestones and defining several dependencies, activities and pre-requisites. 
  • Are business critical, forming a significant part of the execution of a project and how this is structured. 

Often smaller, less complex units of work within a broader project

  • Typically cover a shorter duration, with a focused scope on a particular component of a project (ie. a small part of a larger work package agreement)
  • These would often include tasks that are less significant or business critical, but that still require completion. 
  • An example of this could be the testing before a go live, or a team of Engineers implementing a solution. 

Here is an example of what 4 milestones could look like. Within each milestone there should be clearly defined deliverables.

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