Missions Statement & Mantra

Our 3 Priorities – the Customer, the Customer, and the Customer

For us, it is all about you - about listening to you and working out together what you need and how we can deliver it in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

We aren’t interested in the short-term in anything we do. Both our customers and our people join us to work together for the long-term, for mutual growth, mutual benefit, and mutual value.

Along our journey, we have developed a few mantras which provide a useful yardstick for us as we go about our business day-to-day. Over time, they have become ingrained and are now second nature to us.


"Spend the time to listen to our customers, to really listen, to understand what they really need rather than what’s easily sold”

[Make our customer’s life easy – not our own]

"Create value for our customers and they will reciprocate”

[Give our customers a reason to use us and they will]

"Rather a happy customer in the future than an unhappy one today.”

[Don’t over-promise on what we can deliver]

"Subordinate your interests to those of your customers and you will get your just reward”

[Putting your customers needs first ultimately helps you achieve]

Our UK offices

Manchester, UK
GM Digital Security Hub (DiSH), Heron House, 47 Lloyd Street, M2 5LE

The Courtyard, 30 Worthing Road
Horsham, RH12 1SL

Chester, UK
Ground Floor, Honeycomb East (Purple),
Chester Business Park,

London, UK
65 Petty France,

Swindon, UK
Regus, Windmill Hill Business Park,