Managed Services


Our job is more than just filling your vacancies  – it’s about helping you with the overall HR process.

As well as our standard recruitment services, we also offer a range of advisory and consultancy-based services which may significantly improve your recruitment process and enable a substantial reduction in costs.

These are each considered separately below, but can be summarised as follows:-

Managing your existing suppliers - helping you choose them, assess them, manage them, control them, get what you want from them, continuously appraise and replace them.

Managed & Sole Supplier – want all the advantages of the best suppliers, but want just one point of contact and control? Then, we will act as your sole point of contact and manage all of our internal suppliers on your behalf giving you the best of both worlds – choice and control, with ease and simplicity.

Internal Recruitment Management – making your recruitment process as efficient as possible, covering requirement distribution, CV tracking, interview arranging, placement confirmation, etc

Internal Resource Management – helping you make the most of your existing staff, knowing their skills, meeting their aspirations and avoiding needless costly recruitment.

Workforce Compliance Audit – helping to make sure that your recruitment and staff are contractually, legally and financially compliant with local employment, tax, and legal legislation.

Management of External Suppliers

The external supplier is the source of your candidate base, so having the wrong suppliers or suppliers doing the wrong things will seriously affect the integrity of your source. We can help you to locate, select, appraise and manage your external suppliers.



We are able to offer services covering the following key areas:-

  • Supplier Vetting & Selection
  • Supplier Interface Definition
  • Supplier Review & Appraisal

Do you suffer from any of the following:-

  • Too many suppliers getting in on the act
  • Too much supplier harassment chasing CVs, interviews etc
  • Unknown suppliers with no track record or demonstrable “value-add”
  • Inaccurate/unsuitable/duplicate CVs received from suppliers
  • Misinterpretation of requirements by suppliers
  • Lack of knowledge of your business demonstrated by suppliers
  • Varying terms of business from each supplier
  • Varying service levels received from each supplier
  • Candidates not consulted on requirements
  • Varying charges from each supplier
  • Varying contractual lengths and renewal conditions from each supplier
  • Low/untimely responsiveness of suppliers
  • Resultant low confidence in suppliers

If any of these problems seems only too familiar to you, then we can promise that we can help. Dependent on your specific set of issues, we will undertake any number of the activities below:-

  • Definition of External Supplier selection criteria
  • Definition of tender request documentation
  • Production of initial tender list
  • Assistance in the selection process
  • Review of completed tenders
  • Review and attendance at supplier presentations, visits etc
  • Definition of service level agreements
  • Definition of contractual agreements
  • Review of existing contractual agreements
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Consideration to contractor transfer between suppliers
  • Internal marketing of preferred supplier usage
  • Internal training and awareness of new service levels and processes.
  • An internal or external resource to interface with external suppliers. (i.e. external supplier management.
  • Continual supplier review and appraisal process

Managing & Sole Supplier Services

A single company that can provide all of the advantages of a well-chosen supplier base - the technical & geographical coverage, the competitiveness, the responsiveness, the cost-effectiveness; and that company is us.

Imagine a day of dealing with only a single company:-

  • Just one person to give requirements to
  • Just one person to give CV feedback to
  • Just one person to arrange interviews with
  • Just one person to negotiate rates with
  • Just one set of contractual terms
  • Just one set of contractor renewal dates

To implement our service, we go through all of the strict procedures that we would for our standard External Supplier Management program in selecting a series of Internal Suppliers who will assist us in ensuring that you receive the highest level of choice and service.

With yourselves, we define the interface that you want to see in procedural, contractual, and reporting terms. This interface will be unique between us, and all interactions with be solely with us and in accordance with it.

Management of Internal Recruitment

It should be you that is controlling recruitment and not recruitment that is controlling you

It would be wrong to think that all of your recruitment problems would be solved if only the external suppliers did their jobs properly. Clearly, it would be easy to simply try to blame them for everything.

Unfortunately, however, you are often to blame as much as the external suppliers for the problems that exist, and we hope that you will forgive us for pointing that out.

Having a good front end in the form of effective external supplier management is vital, but its benefits can soon be undone with inefficient internal recruitment processes.

Do you suffer from any of the following:-

  • Inaccurate/incomplete requirements are produced
  • Requirements directed to the wrong external suppliers.
  • Requirements are sent to unapproved external suppliers.
  • CVs, when received, are not logged adequately with regard to source, time and what requirements they are for.
  • CVs are not distributed to the right people internally for the right requirements.
  • CV distribution takes far too long, such that the supplier begins to harass and the candidate may no longer be available when required for an interview.
  • CVs, once distributed, are not given due attention by interviewers due to the pressure of work.
  • Interviewers take too long to respond to CVs such that good candidates are no longer available when required.
  • Interviewers do not prioritize interviews, such that good candidates are no longer available when required.
  • There is ineffective communication between HR staff and interviewers with regard to a requirement, interviews, placements etc, due to the pressure of work.
  • Negative attitude to the recruitment process.

If any of these problems seems only too familiar to you, then we can promise that we can help.

Management of Internal Resources

With ever-increasing skills shortages, you should focus on better utilisation of existing staff, rather than on the recruitment of new staff.

Inevitably within any workforce, there are problems. Managing and meeting people’s individual aspirations, both technically and personally, within the confines of the business is never easy.

Additionally, there always seems to be a shortage of the right skills. The usual remedy sought to this problem is the recruitment of new staff. This, however, often merely has the effect of building on inefficiencies and problems that already exist, and, thus, makes them worse.

Does your workforce suffer from any of the following:-

  • Low staff morale and motivation
  • Low staff performance/productivity
  • Low or inappropriate staff utilisation
  • Low or out-of-date skills awareness
  • Low awareness of staff career aspirations
  • Failure to meet staff career aspirations
  • Low valuation and appreciation of staff
  • High staff turnover
  • External competition for staff/skills
  • Non-retention of key staff and skills
  • Low internal permanent skills base
  • Uncohesive/fragmented workforce
  • Lack of career development and training
  • Expensive recruitment costs
  • Unpredictable recruitment outcome
  • Learning curves of new staff
  • Unpredictable outcome of new staff

There is much that can be done to address these problems in a proactive fashion, and we can show you how.

In general, resource management is about managing the resources available to meet the needs of the business in the most efficient and cost-effective way. When that resource is people, however, the issues become far more complex.

The problems with people have been amply discussed in the previous section. The key to the solution of these problems is information.

The key information that is required is:

  • Knowledge of what staff are currently employed and where.
  • Knowledge of those staffs’ skills and training backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of their personal and technical aspirations.
  • Knowledge of their track records in terms of performance.
  • Knowledge of their suitability and availability for work.

The appropriate application of this knowledge can be used to achieve a great deal in terms of functionality and capability.

Workforce Compliance Auditing

Having the right skilled staff is only half the story - having them compliant with local legislation is easily missed. Make sure you’re safe with our help

You’ve interviewed the ideal candidate; you inform the supplier and negotiate a rate; the supplier informs the candidate and negotiates a rate; the candidate accepts and starts work. Everything is great – but what about compliance?

Too many suppliers will happily supply you with the resources that you require but will leave you, as the client, exposed to legal and financial penalties for failing to meet local tax and employment legislation.

Not only can we confirm that our own recruitment services ensure fully compliant resource solutions, but we also offer an audit service for your existing resources to ensure that all such resource is contracted in a legal and tax-compliant manner.

We have full recruitment solutions that are fully compliant with all local employment and tax legislation, and we would be pleased to check your existing arrangements against our standardised solutions.

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