“Our service is quick and reliable, but we don't cut corners; all our candidates are fully vetted, and comply with all local statutory, legal and employment legislation”

Our contingency recruitment service covers both permanent and contract resources of any IT or Telecoms skills.

Whether you are looking for a single individual or for a complete team of people, whether to start tomorrow or in the distant future, then we can help.

Having said that, we are able to offer a completely bespoke service tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. We would be happy to discuss a detailed SLA covering any or all of the recruitment types detailed below.

There are, however, a number of cornerstones which underpin the quality of any of our recruitment activities.

Candidate Sourcing & Screening

With an internal database of over 30,000 candidates, advertising through our own website, access to many of the world’s most effective resourcing websites, relationships with other suppliers; and an extensive network; we will almost always find the ideal candidate for you.

With every vacancy that we receive from you, and before we submit a single CV, we will undertake a rigorous screening process with each and every potential candidate. We will discuss each vacancy directly with a candidate and ascertain:-

  • His/her technical ability and suitability
  • His/her personal suitability in terms of non-technical aspects
  • His/her financial suitability
  • His/her availability to perform the role
  • His/her interest in the role
  • His/her employment status with regard to visa or work permit requirements etc
  • His/her permission to submit the CV

In accordance with your instructions, we will also reference check all candidates prior to commencement of employment with you.

Legal, Contractual & Employment Compliance

When placing candidates from all over the world with customers from more than 20 different countries, the task of ensuring that all local tax, statutory, and employment legislation has been met is an onerous one. It is also one that we take extremely seriously, and we consider it part of our service to ensure that we are offering the most effective solutions. A major part of these solutions is to ensure that the candidate is compliant within the location that he/she is working, including being in possession of the required visa and work permits as appropriate and meeting local taxation regulations. To this end, we employ a significant number of third-party financial and accountancy companies with expertise around the world who ensure the tax solutions employed are not only compliant but are also beneficial to the candidate and safe for the customer.

Contract Recruitment Services

We have been supplying individual or teams of contractors on a T&M basis to our international customer base predominantly in the IT and Telco fields since 1985. During this time, we have established a bespoke up-to-date database of over 30,000 technical consultants with expertise and capability covering all our different industry sectors.

In addition, we have the skills to access the marketplace through any number of proprietary channels to find exactly the individual or team required to fill any resource requirement.

In addition to our 30,000 strong in-house contingency workforce, we also possess a bench of over 2,000 tried and tested experts whom we have previously supplied to our customers in the successful delivery of projects/work packages and contingent workforce.

Whatever your circumstances and for whatever reason, we are able to offer contract resources at a moment's notice. Whether you require a single person for a day or a team of people for several years, we will do all we can to put together a solution that meets your technical, logistical, and financial parameters.

Typically, we are able to respond to your requirements with suitable candidates within an hour or so. All of the candidates will have been selected and vetted technically, personally, and financially in accordance with our standard procedures.

Usually, presented candidates will be available to commence the assignment immediately, but in all cases certainly within the designated timescales.

A summary of the key characteristics of our contract recruitment service and the candidates it provides are as follows:-

  • We respond within hours with suitable candidates
  • Our candidates are fully vetted prior to submission
  • Our candidates are generally available immediately or at short notice
  • Our candidates (being freelance) are able to “get up to speed” quickly
  • Our candidates are available for periods as short as a single day through to several years, although are normally supplied on renewable contracts of 3 – 6 months in duration.
  • We only charge for the days that our candidate works, and there is no charge for holidays and sickness.
  • Throughout the course of the assignment, we will remain in regular contact to ensure that our candidate continues to meet all of your requirements.
  • Our candidates are supported by us throughout the term of the assignment with regular contact and advice, and most importantly, from their point of view - timely and correct payment of their fees.

Permanent Recruitment Services

With our permanent placement business, we offer both a contingency and retained search-based service. In both cases, the process is meticulously planned in order to achieve the required outcome and to ensure that nobody is wasting their time.

Our standard process can be summarised as follows, although we will be pleased to discuss any bespoke variations that you require:-

Position Definition – a discussion between us to determine all of the required characteristics of the new employee, covering technical, personality, logistical, financial, etc. From these discussions, we will prepare a detailed definition of the role which will form the basis for discussion with potential candidates.

Assignment Plan – from our discussions, we also agree on a series of timed milestones for the evolution of the assignment through the various stages as detailed below.

Finding The Best Candidates – dependent on the vacancy, we develop an appropriate search strategy that is most likely to result in the identification of the most qualified candidates. Candidates can come from a number of sources:

  • Our own networks and relationships within the appropriate industry; or
  • Our own internal database of candidates, clients, and contacts; or
  • Third Party recommendations & referrals
  • Proprietary Job-Boards; or
  • Third Party Advertising.

In reality, many of the best candidates will not generally be looking for a new job so they will not respond to any Job-Boards or advertising campaign. This is where we earn our money by utilising our knowledge of the marketplace and exploiting our network of contacts. Our contacts are extensive, with our 30,000 candidates and 100,000 client contacts at our disposal – somebody we know will be (or will know) your ideal candidate - remember, this is what we do best!

Our Candidate Review - as we identify a potentially suitable candidate, we will assess (usually face to face unless logistics prohibit) their suitability (technical, logistical, financial, personal), qualifications, and motivation. At this stage, it may be desirable (as required) for your identity as the client to remain confidential, but potential candidates almost invariably are willing to enter into preliminary discussions with us.

Initial Candidate References – as part of our qualification of the candidate, we will seek relevant and recent references on the candidate to cover both professional and personal attributes.

Your Candidate Interview(s) – assuming the candidate “passes” our review, then we will submit details to you. You are then free to evaluate the candidate in any way that you feel appropriate – multiple interviews, assessments, testing, etc.

Interview Feedback – following the interview, we liaise with all parties and solicit the initial feedback. We will assist both parties in clarifying their views and remedying any concerns or misunderstandings (where appropriate). This is often an iterative process requiring a series of back-to-back conversations, and possibly further discussion between you as the client and the candidate.

Negotiation of Offer – when you are satisfied that we have presented your candidate of choice, then with our knowledge of the market and our status as an intermediary, we are able to liaise between all parties throughout the sensitive phase of negotiating the remuneration and benefits package. Taking the views of both parties into account, we are able to mediate to ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties.

Final Compliance Checking – upon the conclusion of a placement, we suggest that a final candidate reference (if not previously provided) is sought from the candidate’s most recent employer together with further security and background checks as appropriate.

Contracts of Employment – whilst we are happy to liaise between the parties in terms of remuneration and benefits package, and start dates, we recommend that the parties correspond directly with regard to general terms of employment and contractual matters.

Client Feedback – our aim is continuous improvement, and in pursuit of this we will ask you for feedback on our performance and confirmation of your level of satisfaction.

Continuous Support – after the assignment is complete, we like to remain in contact with all parties to anticipate and resolve any ongoing issues, and clearly to be available for any further assignments.

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