Peter Grint

Operations & Commercial Manager - with IDPP since 2019

With a career history that includes contract and permanent recruitment, training, management, and starting a recruitment company; Peter joined idpp as a 360° consultant focused on the iOS and Android markets in London. Not long after, Peter moved to the position of Operations Manager, a role in which he explores new technologies, and refines internal processes, to help idpp’s amazing team deliver the best experience to candidates and clients alike. More recently, Peter has also taken on the Commercial Manager role, leading many of the back office functions to facilitate a smooth experience for the customers we work with.


When interviewing at idpp, I had a number of job offers from other recruitment companies. When the offer came from idpp, I jumped at the chance because I felt there was a positive energy, opportunities to progress, and that idpp really did prioritise it’s people, internally and externally, over all else. 3 years later, and I can see I made the right choice