John Holmes

Founder & Chairman - with IDPP since 2000

John has been in IT and recruitment services since the 1980s having done one of the very first degrees in Computational Science in 1976. With a technical background, he was a software engineer and database designer before becoming a freelance contractor and finally setting up his first recruitment company, INLINE, in 1984. Fifteen years later, INLINE was achieving annual sales of £50m with over 1,000 working contractors and was sold to Spring Group in 1998. John then set up idpp in 2000 through an initial purchase of DPP and has since built the hybrid project and recruitment services business we see today.

     “I just love it. It’s addictive. Watching people achieve their dreams. Watching people learn, excel and form bonds of trust and friendship – not just with each other, but also with our customers. idpp gives me the stage to watch all of this unfold. To create something which other people cherish and protect, something that they believe in is just an awesome feeling. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?